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What houseplants are harmful if eaten by a cat?

i have a spider plant, chia pet plant, and poinsettias. are any of these poison?

What houseplants are harmful if eaten by a cat?
I know poinsetta's are. Here's a good list:
Reply:The biggest ones are poinsettias and lilies. I've known people who have lost cats to both of them.
Reply:The ASPCA has a site with poisonous plants and it will show what part of the plant is poisonous.

It is in Alphabetical order.

pretty much every thing that would be harmful to you to eat.

Make sure they never eat chocolate. Also, if they eat enough dog food it will make them go blind! don't feed them dog food.

how to grow lily


I'm a junior agriculture major and in one of my upper level classes we have to create a year-long greenhouse crop schedule. I am having some trouble coming up with enough plants to fill my greenhouse for my fall sales. Currently I have Kale, Pansys, and Poinsettias. I am going to add some herbs but I still need a lot more! We can't use mums either. Any ideas? Only answers from people who know what they are talking about please!

Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera truncate) blooms in November.

Horticulture student.
Reply:Chrysanthemum. But, Chrysanthemum is a short day plant so, if you plan to produce cut flower, you should supply long days condition to obtain long peduncle ( for placing the vase).

Why are there so many questions on here about the dangers of Holly to dogs?

I saw that there are a lot of questions about the dangers of Holly, but aren't there more dangers to dogs than that? I understand that the holidays are coming up, but don't you think holiday chocolate, poinsettias, and even many holiday nuts would be more dangerous to dogs?

Why does everyone worry about Holly?

Why are there so many questions on here about the dangers of Holly to dogs?
No your right but I know many people who do bring Holly into their homes for the Holidays. Mistletoe is also a very dangerous plant to have around too. As well as the ones you have mentioned already. It is never to soon to start to warn people about anything that can harm their dogs during the holidays.
Reply:If I am not mistaken, I believe that the little red berries of the holly bush are considered poisonous. Also, take a look at the barbs on the holly leaf, if you think it would hurt your mouth to chew on would be the same for a dog.
Reply:Because Holly is a troll and everyone knows that trolls eat dogs
Reply:maybe they can find lots of info on the other things, but not sure about holly

who knows...

now i know too!
Reply:cuz Chuck Norris sad to worry!
Reply:Jeez...I was unaware! If I HAD Holly near me, I would STOMP it!! Just get some big boots and kick the crap out of it and get it out of here!!!!!!!!!

It is good that there is a forum that can alert us to these dangers!!

Thank God, I think I am Holly free!!!!!!
Reply:There are so many things that are dangerous to dogs during the Holiday. You can never be too careful!
Reply:Because Holly is deadly... besides, its noxious, spreading, and a general pain in the posterior. If more people knew the dangers of Holly, there would be far fewer backyards infested with the stuff and endangering the lives of dogs.
Reply:I have seen tons of posts about this. I saw on Wikipedia that holly is toxic. You can check for yourself.
Reply:So true. There are so many things that are not good for them. Holly berries are poisonous to humans too!
Reply:Because many folks know the dangers of chocolate, but as you noted, with the holidays coming up, most folks don't know about the dangers of this prickish shrub.
Reply:I agree with Chihuahua Mama . There are people on here that did not like her at all. I know who the people are but I will not name them. They know who they are and they have not stopped writing about her at all. I didn't know her but she was not treated nicely at all on Yahoo Answers.
Reply:my name's Holly, I am in no way shape or form a danger to anyone's dog, including my own, fear not fellow yahooers, for I, Holly shall not harm your dog, do however keep the evergreen variety of my name away from your four legged friends.

Love Holly
Reply:We all worry because all dogs should be kept safe from Holly and all backyards free of it.
Reply:i have never seen a question on here about Holly and dogs except for this one.
Reply:It may be that people are asking questions about the plant holly being toxic to dogs because there have been reports of other 'previously unknown substances' that are toxic and cause either 'kidney failure' or 'liver failure' or death in dogs ... particularly the sweetener Xylitol. You may see more questions about holly because there is more than one 'thing' to holly at Christmas ... the leaves (including their pokey points) and the berries. Actually, both are toxic to dogs, but the berries are 'worse' because the leaves do 'poke' and dogs tend not to eat them, but they will pick up fallen berries from the floor or ground. It's not just DOGS that get sick and even die from Holly and other toxics, though ... cats get sick from many of the same things, and even HEDGEHOGS. I have a hedgehog and she is my 'baby' and I would be totally heartbroken if anything happened to her because I was 'remiss' about finding out and helping her avoid what could kill her. You are correct ... chocolate and nuts are bad for dogs and cats, and so are grapes. Poinsettia is NOT toxic to animals, though, and they very RARELY even take a 'taste' because it's 'bitter' and they spit it right out. There is one other thing that many people 'add' when the weather turns cold though ... ANTIFREEZE that you put into your car is very 'tasty' to animals, and it KILLS THEM ... so if you see any 'purple fluid' they could lick up, CLEAN IT UP and SANITIZE the place thoroughly so the dogs and cats in your neighborhood may have a Merry Christmas too!
Reply:The answers obvious... They don't know why holly is harmfull to dogs. Why else would they need to ask?
Reply:You're right, 'tis the season for lots of dangers to pets. I think it's great that people are taking the time to get the word out early.

Chocolate, poinsettias, and holly are EQUALLY dangerous. People seem to know about chocolate and poinsettias, however, and not know of the dangers of holly.

Holly is not only toxic to pets, but especially dangerous for children.

"Children are especially vulnerable because of age, weight and physical condition."

Best to keep holly far far away from your home.
Reply:chuhuahua mama, I have to respectfully disagree with you. Holly is poisonous. Please dont take the chance and keep it away from your pets and children.
Reply:I think there have been a few dogs lately that have gotten horribly sick from holly. I believe that's why the big uproar all of a sudden. Look when people found out about the Xylitol in gum, and that chocolate was bad, grapes and everything else. People talked about that and asked about it for weeks. The new problem on the list is holly. I think most people just want others to be aware of the problems, many people don't have any idea what kind of problems holly can cause their pets.

I asked about pumpkins, given that hollowe'en is coming up. apparently pumpkin isn't a problem. holly, is a huge problem.

Like Thanksgiving, and turkey bones, everyone should be aware that turkey skin shouldn't be given to dogs, turkey bones are bad. Following Thanksgiving is Christmas, and the huge danger is holly.. Do NOT give holly to your friends this year. A good friend would not share holly with friends.

Plus i think it was on the Oprah show, so everyone is going to be talking about holly dangers now.
Reply:There is a war going on against a fellow Yahooer named Holly. A certain group is using their own code to slander Holly. Their posts seem to be about the plant but if you know the history of what is going on and read the posts made by certain members, then you will see they are talking about a person, not a plant. A lot of the unknowing people such as the one who started this thread obviously are innocent and have no part in the war being waged against Holly.

To my Ginger Kids, I am not saying the plant is not poisonous. I am stating that the majority of the postings lately and the reason for these postings have been directed against a person and have nothing to do with the holly plant. Yes, the holly plant is poisonous.

Of course all the thumbs down come from all the holly and chihuahua mama haters.

Question of Etiquette and Social Manners?

Is it correct or acceptable to personally deliver flowers, for example Poinsettias (Christmas season flowers), to a woman at her workplace/ office? Should I call her first before dropping or I could surprisingly stop by and say Hi briefly?

Question of Etiquette and Social Manners?
The only time this would not be acceptable would be if she worked for the CIA or something. Everyone would understand the sentiment. Pointetta's are not very romantic, more seasonal, is that your intent?
Reply:It depends on how well you know her. If you've known her a short time, it's best to let the florist do it, so as not to get her to think you're some kind of stalker.

If you know her well, do it yourself, and take her to lunch.
Reply:It depends. What type of job does she have? it completely depends on the work environment. Do you think her boss would be okay with it? Sometimes certain employers find it to be interrupting of the office environment.
Reply:Most women do not appreciate being visited unexpectedly, be it at home or work, by a boyfriend, even for such a sweet gesture. If you haven't known her for long, opt for a delivery by the florist with a short message on a nice card. If you have known her for a very long time and wouldn't mind if she dropped in on you, it's probably okay. But make sure her boss won't get mad that she's spending work time chatting with you, and that your visit won't disrupt any professional image she's trying to maintain. To be safe: Go for a delivery.
Reply:It is acceptable to deliver flowers personally, but it is not always the best option. If you know the individual well and are sure they will be well-received then by all means do so. If the individual in question is less well-known to you they might feel "confronted" or obliged to thank you excessively for the gift. This can make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

In any case, certain workplaces have policies regarding personal visits so it is wise to check in advance.
Reply:yes i believe it is acceptable to deliver flowers to someone you know or are trying to get to know them better
Reply:Let's put it this way...if you want to make an impression...have them sent, she will think "how nice of him", but really, it all depends on the time frame of the relationship and other factors involved.
Reply:Uh, it is socially acceptable to have it professionally delivered. To do it yourself would force her to thank you in front of her co-workers (awkward) It is best to let someone deliver it, (be it a friend or leave it at the front desk where she is no where near) with a card so she may gush and admire them, then call to thank you. Trust me on this one.
Reply:too awkward for personal delivery

Have them delivered proffesionally.
Reply:I would and have brought her flowers to the office and she loved it.
Reply:NO, get delivery to do it.
Reply:It is ok to drop by as long as her work does not have a rule against it. Just be sure to keep it as brief of an interruption as you can.

Decorating for christmas?

my mom said that i could decorate the front porch of my house for Christmas if i came up with plans for it so can you give me some and tell me if these ideas are ok?

1. put real or fake poinsettias in hanging pots and hang them in between the posts of the railing

2. wrap garland lights around the posts along the bottom of the railing

3. hang wreaths in the 2 windows on the wall that my porch is in front of

4. hang 1 large lighted wreath with a ribbon swag over my garage

please i need help with more ideas and I'm not sure if the ideas above are any good so any input is appreciated

thank you so much

Decorating for christmas?
Those are great ideas!! You have a knack for decorating. I can't think of anything else but if you come up with something I'm sure it will be just as good. Your front porch will look very classic and traditional. Your mom picked the right person for the job!
Reply:That sounds good...remember that over crowding can ruin what was otherwise supposed to be nice....Maybe some fake frost on the windows.
Reply:Your ideas are wonderful. Fake poinsettias are much more practical for the outside than real ones. Lighted wreaths and garland are wonderful, I use them. just make sure that the lights are all the same color, like clear or multi color. No blinking lights, makes it look cheesy..... Happy Holidays!!!!
Reply:sounds nice! Why not put lights in hedges? And if you have a small tree, put baubles on the branches.

Tooth Fairy

Daily Bark *30* Tuesday?

Hi Dog Pals! Lovely Tuesday over here!

Here is Yesterdays DB its still open:;...

I wanted to discuss in this daily Bark about Christmas Tree's.

Some of you may not of put them up now maybe later. I got mine up last saturday. Usually my dogs play with the christmas tree and the ornaments on it thinking they are toys so how do you keep your dog from going bezerk on the Christmas tree? Or does your dog simply ignore it and has no business to do with it what's so ever?

*Be sure to put your poinsettias out of reach of your pets*

Daily Bark *30* Tuesday?
My 3 pretty much ignore the tree. The only thing they ever do is occasionally come away with tinsel stuck to them from wagging too close to the tree.

One of my cats years ago liked playing with the ornaments. I'd find ornaments all over the floor in the morning. I had one small, red ball that I started hanging very low on the tree which was his to play with. As long as he could play with that one, he left everything else alone. Pretty clever for a cat!!
Reply:Thanks Ana...good point about the poinsettias. My dogs aren't interested in my Christmas tree at all. It's almost like they have no clue I changed the furniture around and now there's a huge tree in the living room! Ahh...they are so simple!
Reply:Hey AnaBell! We usually get and put our tree (real) up 2 weeks or so before Christmas. I dont have a dog at the time. But the last christmas's (spelling? lol) i had with my dog (choco. lab) she kind of ignored the tree she would sniff it a few times and leave it alone. =]
Reply:my oldest Lab is 4 and she has always left the tree alone but we have had to find and re-wrap presents. This year with her boys being 4 months old and having 2 of them to watch over, we have decide since the kids are older teens and young adults. that we are going to set a little tree on our dining room table with the presents underneath. this way everything is up high and the boys will have no chance of playing with the tree or opening presents before it is time.

I am really excited about watching the 2 boys on christmas morning, I really hope they open their presents. my 4 year old is so cute when she tears hers apart. She just had her birthday 3 days ago and tore her presents open and the 2 boys just kind of sat and watched her until they realized she had toys in all that paper.
Reply:Last year was Luca's first Christmas and believe it or not he totally ignored the Christmas tree. If we saw that he was starting to veer towards it we'd make a big deal about him getting close to it, yelling no and what not. He learned quick that it's just an area that he's not allowed to go. We'll see if he remembers this year. =)
Reply:Good morning Anabell. Every year we buy a tree the day after Thanksgiving. We have the tree setup downstair because the ceiling is higher. The dogs usually go check out the tree when it comes in. After the tree is setup, they are not allowed to go downstairs because they like to drink the tree water and chew the lights. I put up the baby gate so they cannog go downstair. Since the dogs run around the house, we don't buy poinsettias or holly.

P.S. Where are these thumb downs coming from?
Reply:my dog used to be terrible with the christmas tree but last year we trained sammy to stay away from the tree. whenever he went near it we told him no and we went and got him and eventually he got the idea that, that isnt something to be meddled with so he leaves it alone except when he wants to lay under the tree and sleep. which he does pretty often. but he doesnt meddle with it at all. chase just never messed with it so with him it takes no training.
Reply:My tree isn't up yet. I will probably put it up the 1st week of December.

My cat likes to sleep under the tree and bat the ornaments and makes them fall off.

Last year he knocked an ornament off and my dog got ahold of it. It was a glass ball and the dog chewed it all up he had glass in his mouth and swallowed some of it. He was alrighty luckily.

I am more worried about them gettin a hold of the electrical wires though.

Luckily my tree is an artificial pre-lit tree and the cord is all the way near the top so my dogs can't get to the cord and I put my tree ontop of a wooden box so it is harder for them to reach the ornmaents and other things.

My dogs will try to get the ornaments off and play with them though too.. So I don't put anything near the bottom anymore.

I heard with the real trees that dogs shouldn't get near them because of the pine getting into the treestand it can be toxic. So that is a real danger. I won't do real trees anymore. Plus there is no pine needles to clean up after or anything like that.

Oh I never use tinsel on my tree either. That is a hazard as well.
Reply:We don't put up a Christmas tree.. 2 intact male Dobermans, and a tree in the house.. It just is a bad idea..
Reply:My dogs are mildly curious the first day it goes up. One thing I am careful with is the ornaments, no ornaments on the lower branches. I've had years that they have helped themselves to what ever looks interesting. My cat is the one who would be nibbling on the poinsettias. HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Reply:Sydney is always kind of amazed by the presence of a tree INSIDE- even though we don't get real ones. She doesn't have anything to do with it though. This is our first Christmas with Louie though, so we don't know how he'll be with it. I don't want to have to put a gate around it, so I hope he doesn't treat it how I expect him to- as a big toy that's there for him to have his way with. Needless to say- we won't have any ornaments on the bottom portion of the tree that he can reach.
Reply:our dogs never mess with the tree...or any plant for that matter...

What's the best type of food to give to a Pointsettia?

We want our poinsettias to be red by Christmas.

What's the best type of food to give to a Pointsettia?
Miracle Grow usually works on just about all plants. I'd give that a try.
Reply:If it is a left over from last year good luck. It has to have been in a dark place for months. If you just bought one an even fertilizer with a low first number such as a 5-5-5 will be best.