Thursday, January 12, 2012

How do I keep my Poinsettias from dying off?

After the holidays my plants die or at least it looks like it. Even the green leaves wither. How do I keep the plant healthy until time for the brachs to form?

How do I keep my Poinsettias from dying off?
If you live in a place where it is to cold to plant them outside then re pot the plant to bigger pot. The heat will kill them in the house if to hot. Don't put where vent blows on them. Get a grow light for indoors and it should be fine. My grand father lives in Brunswick, Ga on the coast and he has one that is over 6feet tall outside and it turns red in winter. He just covers it up with a blanket when it freezes.
Reply:Water them.
Reply:Easy. plant them outside!
Reply:keep in a sunny location and water when needed

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