Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is your favourite christmas plant?

I like the poinsettia but they don't seem to last long.



What is your favourite christmas plant?
Mine is the amaryllis the one that is my profile picture, isn't it beautiful.
Reply:Mine is holly. It is so pretty. It fills the world with cheer!
Reply:How about plant food for your Christmas tree.
Reply:a rose.
Reply:I have poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, and Kalenchoe. The Kalenchoe has nice foliage after it's done blooming and will re-flower later in the year.

Here's an article of Christmas plant favorite and I have grown them all. They all have good points and bad. Denise
Reply:Christmas Poinsettia
Reply:I would say the poinsetta. Every time I see that plant it really makes me feel like Christmas has arrived
Reply:I love the various colored blooms of the Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) because it is a refreshing change from the Poinsettia. Plus, the plant is very easy to take care of once it has stopped blooming. Water sparingly and give it bright, indirect sunlight and it will take care of itself. I've had mine for over 10 years and they never fail to bloom for me every winter.
Reply:I like the christmas cannabis tree.

The gift that keeps giving.
Reply:I love Christmas cactus it has the most beautiful flower and comes in a variety of colors as for your comment on poinsettias they last as long as you grow them i never throw mine away they grow all year i always buy a new one at Xmas time and plant it with the others to create a tall short look

Reply:agree with you poinsettias are great and do not last long. but they really look good when blooming. love it.
Reply:i agree i love the christmas cactus!!! very different and beautiful when it blooms!
Reply:My favorite is the Christmas cactus but I also love amaryllis and holly they can grow for years, I don't really care for poinsettias they don't last long enough.
Reply:the virgin Maryjane
Reply:I kinda like the Christmas cactus-they're different and they really last a long time.
Reply:It would have to be Amaryllids and then the Holiday cacti.

They're easy to grow and make flower and propagate

Its very pretty and matches the traditional colours of christmas Red and green.

It stays fresh for ages aswell

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