Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is a poinsettias lifespan?

as stated, poinsettias can live for years with regular watering and ferilizing every other month except for when the leaves fall off. Dont worry tho, its the life cycle--however--if you want the leaves to change color as when they were purchased, they must be placed in a pitch black dark location for 4-6 weeks prior to when you want the, mid November for late December show.

What is a poinsettias lifespan?
It can live forever with propper care and maintenance. I would reccomend miracle grow or another plant food to keep it vibrant. In the spring and summer the leaves usually go green and only change to red in the fall and winter months.
Reply:Carly : poinsettias are red christmas plants they cam last an life

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Reply:Life span is as long as you take care of them correctly. I was given a sick plant (not taken care of properly) several years ago by a friend. Believe it or not it has grown into a small tree. Each year I transplant it into a larger pot and feed as I do the rest of my tropical plants. I have to keep it trimmed to contain a simple formation. It is almost 5 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter. Sadly to say I haven't the room to place it in the darkness needed for blooms so during the holiday time I place silk blooms all over the plant. Each year I change the colors to match my holiday decor. Good luck with yours and don't give up.......
Reply:I've managed to keep a poinsettia plant from one Christmas to the other. It was fresh from the hothouse for the first Christmas and after a ton of coddling, I managed to get some of the bracks red for the second Christmas.
Reply:Two days of sad looking leaves falling off when brought out of the nursery into below freezing weather, into a warm car and into the cold to go inside the house and sit on the table. But with proper care and taking starts, forever. I did discover that they need put in a darker area to stimulate a good, healthy bloom by the holidays.
Reply:my mom has had a poinsettia growing for 18 years but i cant have one longer then 4 months all depends on where u plant it an how u take care of it

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