Sunday, January 8, 2012

Can poinsettias poison cats or other pets during the Christmas season?

I have two cats at home and one of them always likes to try to eat the leaves or the petals of the poinsettias almost all of the time that she can get away with it. My mom and I try to keep both of our cats away from eating the leaves and petals of the poinsettias, but one of our cats is very persistive with always doing it.

Can poinsettias poison cats or other pets during the Christmas season?
I just read in a newspaper that poinsettias being poisonous is an old wives's tale and completely untrue.
Reply:I have always heard that they can kill any cat or dog. so... I certainly would not want any plant that may harm my pet. There are a lot of different plants that can kill our pets. But onions, chocolate, plastic and things are the worse thing to get near them.
Reply:NO-it is TRUE. Do not have the plants; that is that.
Reply:yes they are poisonous to both dogs and cats, better to have a house of healthy animals than a plant that will only last a few weeks so dont buy poinsettias
Reply:I was told by our veterinarian that poinsettas are indeed poisonous to cats if they eat the leaves.
Reply:Poinsettias aren't extremely toxic but they are still toxic. I would either put it where she can't get to it. Although with cats, that seems impossible. Or get rid of it altogether.

Read this for more information about plants that are toxic to cats and dogs.
Reply:Yes, poinsettias can be toxic to your pets. Keep them away.
Reply:It's a myth.

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