Saturday, January 7, 2012

How often should I water my poinsettia?

It is medium sized (maybe 12-16 inches).

How often should I water my poinsettia?
There is no watering schedule for any plant. Poinsettia's should be watered when they become dry. Water the plant slowly and completely, then wait until dry. I have found the best way to tell if a plant needs watering is to pick it up. You can tell by the weight of the plant if it needs watering. It will be fine in your office over the weekend. I would make sure it is getting light and is watered before you leave. Also make sure the room stays above 60 degrees. Poinsettias are tropical plants and do not like the cold
Reply:As soon as the leafs start shrivelling up and yes you can leave it at work but just water it before leaving in case.
Reply:For the Winter, put it in a dark room.

Don't give it but a dribble of water--once in a while.

THEN in Spring--It will be ready to turn RED again.
Reply:Not very often. They are very sensitive. Feel the soil to see when it needs water if it feels dry just add some til the soil is lightly moist. Than I wouldnt water it again for a week or so..but keep checking the soil.
Reply:When the soil starts to get dry. You don't want to overwater.
Reply:yes over water will kill and they need filtered sunlight too if they are inside....
Reply:Good answers,but also be sure to take off that foil thing, it can hold water in the bottomn of it and keep your plant too wet. It should be all right over the weekend if it is not close to a heat vent where it would dry out quickly. I only water mine, soaking it good and letting it drain, about twice a week, but I check to make sure it isn't getting dry in between.
Reply:i know this isnt an answer to your question but i had no way to contact you. the questions im asking its for my class and were doing a like mystery thing we are put into gropus and have a certain amount each to figure out there are 100 questions and i thaught that doing the yahoo thing would be a good idea! none of my class has ever even studyed this before we can ask anyone and get the answer which ever group gets all the answers first wins! than like next month were starting to study it!
Reply:Dear Mose's old friend:

Mose doesn't know how often to water poinsettias, only beets; however, Mose knows not to eat the leaves. Don't eat the leaves. Also, the "flower petals" are actually leaves.

Best of luck to you and your holiday plant!

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