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Why do the leaves drop from my poinsettia? Is it too much water or too little sunlight?

Some will do this in cold weather...keep your poinsettia warm and away from cold drafts.

Why do the leaves drop from my poinsettia? Is it too much water or too little sunlight?
It could be both. You should let the compost dry out a little before watering and keep the plant in a brightly lit spot, close to a window is ideal. But keep it out of drafts.

A common mistake most people make is to assume that just because their room looks bright, the plant is receiving enough light. The room may look brightly lit, but the spot where the plant is can still be very dim locally !
Reply:Good question, I had to look it up because so many things could cause that.

Poinsettia leaves falling too early



Open the link it's a little bit involved for the answer. Basically it's a matter water and it could gave happened before you got the plant.
Reply:Dunno but mine is exactly the same.
Reply:Avoid under- and overwatering. "If you don’t water enough, the plant will wilt and the lower leaves will drop off. Overwatering will cause the roots to rot and the lower leaves to turn yellow and fall off. Root rot is likely if the pot has no drainage holes in the bottom. If it has no holes, make some... If it has holes but they’re covered by foil, either poke holes in the foil or remove it."

It is normal for Poinsettia to drops their leaves after blooming, when it starts to go through its natural dormant (sleeping) phase. Decrease the watering %26amp; when the leaves drop... cut the stems back to about two or three growth buds or “eyes”.

Just put it in a cool basement until spring. In late spring when the danger of frost is over bring your poinsettia out of its dormancy by watering deeply and setting the plant in a bright, sunny place outdoors Or repot it using fresh soil, water it, %26amp; put it on a patio or protected spot. Trim new shoots sprouting from the stems to only three or four shoots. Give the plant a little fertilizer two or three times a year during its growing season.

If you live in a colder climate bring it indoors in the fall before it frosts.
Reply:They do not like to be over watered, or kept in cold conditions
Reply:Too much water.

this plant loves heat and drought. Most people over water. In the UK Poinsettia's are force grown for the Christmas trade and I believe that by the time new year comes around they are exhausted, then killed with kindness.

It's feet must never stand in water, likes a hot dry climate.

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