Sunday, January 8, 2012

How long did your Christmas Poinsettias last?

gave mine away to the neighbour, hate the things

How long did your Christmas Poinsettias last?
I didn't care for mine well... didn't water it enough... it only lasted a month.
Reply:they can laSt for months if you know how to take care of them
Reply:Don't forget to remove the foil wrap, or they will die, BTW, if you live in a warm climate they will not turn red the second season.
Reply:they died on midnight, December 26
Reply:a month
Reply:about a year then it became infested with bugs. It was still very healthy but I didn't know how to get rid of the bugs in the soil so I disposed of it !
Reply:Mine are still blooming. I've kept them from any cold, and keep them watered but well drained.
Reply:i still have the one i got from last year, and a new one i got this year... you have to water them often. they like a lot of water.
Reply:not long enough
Reply:2 months
Reply:2 years, but do not flower as often
Reply:Indoors, as long as I continue feeding and watering them but outdoors only until the first cold spell.

They can "last" all year around.

Though the red and yellow colors do not last long which are poisonous by the way.
Reply:I had some that lasted almost 8 months til my cat got it. They will look like they are dead. They lose all there leaves and just look sad. Keep watering them and next Christmas youll have flowers on them again
Reply:I still have them. they are doing good
Reply:Till a week after chritmas then i plant them in the trash can . with in a couple days they are gone.

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